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- Walking on the Path of Awareness Program

- Meditation Training with Sound  

- Meditation Workshop

Walking in the Path of Awareness Program:

The program have been first opened at 2015. From that year on, every year this program opens only once with 15 people.

The journey that lasts 6 months, divided into modules such as meditation, body, mind and spirit module, and includes techniques that will help one to find his/her own alignment. Each program evolves and transforms with the participants.  

Our intention in the program, is to blend the scientific data of different perspectives such as Meditation, Sound Meditation Practice and Somatic Experiencing. The aim is to guide the person to develop ways of supporting himself by presenting information and experiences about the body, nervous system, mind structure and core essence.


Meditation Training with Sound:

Each module comprises of Basic Sound, Himalayan Bowls, Vocal and Mantra usage, Gong and sound bath design.

With this program, one can design sound baths for individuals and groups.

We do not train Sound Healing Therapists. 

Meditation Workshop: 

In 2 half-day workshops, we teach and experience together 6 different meditation techniques such as the history of meditation, the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of meditation, information compiled from scientific research and body scanning, meditation with sound, meditation using vocals, meditation with mantra, meditation with movement. .


At the end of the 1-month period, we give consultancy to the person who took the workshop by talking about his experience.

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